Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bed Time

So I've become the bedtime queen.  I change her, feed her, read three stories and put her down with few tears (most nights).  Apparently I do too good of a job because DH never is game for trying.  Tonight I convinced DH to put her to bed because at some point I'm not going to be there be it a babysitter or him.  So the two of them are currently working out their own routine.  Its taking all my strength not to get up from the computer and save them.  I know DH is competent and Baby Girl just isn't used to him putting her to bed.  I know as it becomes more routine she will accept that he is just as good as I am.  If I jump in it wont help anyone.... This is what I signed up for- right?


  1. Right!!! Hope it worked itself out!!

  2. She did finally sleep... it took a LONG time. I did not step in. We decided we are going to switch off so she gets used to both of us putting her to bed. I keep trying to convince him I do nothing special except follow a routine. At this point he spends all day with her so I can't blame him for not wanting to put her to bed but I think it will pay off in the future. :)