Friday, July 1, 2011

Expecting... but I dont know when and no i'm not crazy.

So i've started to use the term "we are expecting" rather then we are adopting. It gets me out of the adoption questions from strangers and most people just accept it. I've occasionally been asked the due date which depending on if I want to mess with the person or not I may respond "we are adopting" or at times choose to respond "any time." Let me describe my stature I am 5'5" and 120lbs there is NO way i'm expecting "any time." I also have tried "I dont know" which also grants me odd looks. I always break down and explain we are adopting but I seem to get fewer questions about the adoption, the process, etc if I start it this way.

Responding "I dont know" rather then giving possible scenarios also i've learned shuts down conversations with strangers as well. Its not that I dont want to talk about it but sometimes peoples ignorance is just not worth dealing with. I have had very enlightening conversations with people I wouldn't expect since starting this process. Often though you get a sense when the conversation starts if people are asking because they want to become informed and are there to support you or are just being busy bodies.

I can't wait for people to tell me my child looks like me :)

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