Saturday, July 9, 2011

Silver Lining and other ramblings

Yesterday I found out that I will be getting more then I expected as a settlement for the car accident that I was in in February. Granted I now have a car payment which I did not previously have however I have a car that will fit dog, baby and stuff much easier. We also will make a leap towards achieving our final goal for saving for the adoption. We next will have to save to cover my maternity leave however starting in September I will have a school contract that only requires that I work one day per week. So if that baby comes before then we will use credit cards and pay them off with my contract or if the baby comes during or after the contract starts we will use that as my income which should be sufficient. It is nice to be in a place where granted the financial burden is still large but at least we are within a distance of our goal (plus we still have my parents checks) that I can breath easy.

We had a great time with friends this week. Both of the couples have really fun babies (well what baby isn't). It was nice to have fun and play with them and see how fast they are growing. It also made me realize that i'm really looking forward to my school contract this fall. I want to be a mother not because I want something for myself but because I want something for my children. I love seeing children explore and figure out new things and being a part of that is just plain fun. One of the fathers made a video of me and one of the babies playing and its hard to tell who is having more fun. While watching the video I hoped for my future self to remember that and to make sure when life is happening around us to stop and have fun. I frequently hope that this waiting and sadness makes me appreciate my family ten fold not just in the first few hours, weeks or months but forever.

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