Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Not the Only One

This week I have made a few connections which make me realize that i'm not the only one. Saturday July 9th at the neighborhood block party we got to spend time with our neighbor and her son. They had just finalized his adoption the day before and it was really exciting not just for them but to realize that one day that would be us.

I also this week e-mailed out to the group of other waiting families. The social worker before she left formed an e-mail group based on those that were willing to have their e-mail addresses shared. I just threw out there a question about if anyone had heard about when they would hire a replacement for Kate (our social worker that recently left). Sounds like they should have someone hired by July 31st. One of the other mom's to be also indicated that she had heard that there were about 4 babies that would be needing placement in the next month.

Last but not least I found a blog site that has links to other blogs related to open adoption. Parents that had already finalized, biological birth mom blogs, children that were adopted blogging, and those like us waiting to adopt. After spending a few hours reading blogs I realized that i'm not alone, and i'm not the only one that wishes people knew "the adoption language." My favorite was when someone asked "where did your baby come from?" stating either the state/city you live in.

I do need to figure out a polite way of telling people that its none of their business when asked why we are adopting. I've tried saying "because I want to have children" but that still often leads to the why cant you have "your own."

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  1. Megan,
    I think this is a great time to start practicing what to say because we sure know that many people cant hold back what should be just their thoughts!