Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post Placement Visit One

I forgot to post this one... our post placement visit was two weeks ago!! :)

The visit was uneventful.  I walked down to the agency since its only a few blocks from our home.  DH had a job fair he worked so he rushed to be there and made it right on time.  Baby girl fell asleep on the walk over to the agency.

We signed papers indicating what we wanted her legal name to become (EXCITING!! :) )  We also signed paper work saying that we had gotten other paper work such as the hospital discharge paper work. We updated our agency on how she was doing and the three doctors appointments we have gone on.  All positive.

Then the social worker asked if we had any questions or things that were on our mind.  DH did it (I was going to wait and write a letter because thats my best form of communication) he brought up the agency in PA.  He was very diplomatic and shared that he felt that the other agency was different then our home agency and that if our agency sends families to PA again that they should be made aware of the differences.  We discussed some of the situations we had with visitations from the birthparents that were not ideal.  We discussed how we understood the birthmother had rights but just like we created a post placement plan that is not legally binding it would have been nice to have a visitation agreement for while we were down there.  Our agency was very receptive.  She is new and indicated that she was surprised by our complaints but most families go to PA and are gone as soon as the interstate compact is done.  She suggested that we not visit the birthparents unless its a supervised visit.  She agreed with our plan to complete one visit and see how it goes.  She agreed with what my expectations for a visit would be, and agreed that if my simple expectations were not met that we would not visit in the future.  She agreed that she would share with future families how the agency in PA is different and to be in greater communication if the family will be in PA for greater then just waiting for the interstate compact.  Its nice to be supported and our plans in the future are for an instate adoption so we can use our agency.


  1. Your PPV wasn't in your home? We had two PPVs (one at three months in the home and the last at six months in the home).

    Glad to hear it was uneventful (they should be)!

  2. Nope it was at the office. It originally was scheduled at home but the social worker is not a notary yet so we met at the office. Visit two will be at the office and the last one will be at home. Not sure why visit two is at the office. Not that I mind since I won't feel panicked about cleaning!! :)