Thursday, April 19, 2012

Caught A Special Moment

We took baby girl on her first trip to the zoo while visiting family in Milwaukee.  The closest zoo to us at home is hours away; so even though we thought she would probably sleep most of the time that we would go anyway.  While in the monkey house I over heard a very sweet conversation between a mom and a little boy.

The Mom mentioned that the young chimp had been adopted by one of the other chimp moms. The little boy asked a question about adoption if it was when moms took other babies.  The Mom of the boy said well no adoption is when a baby needs a mother to love them and they make a new family.  Thats what families are about- love- right?  It melted my heart.  I wanted to turn and give that mom a hug but I just enjoyed the moment and continued on enjoying the zoo.  Baby girl slept the whole trip but that one moment made the visit worth it!

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