Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Tears

After spending years crying sad tears I now find my happy tears flow so easily.  The day before yesterday we got blood work back giving baby girl a clean bill of health! She will have to be retested at 18months for a definitive result but I cried.  One less challenge for baby girl while growing up.  (I did cry sad tears for her when she got the blood drawn from her little arms and hands)  Yesterday she rolled over from her front to back for the first time- she has rolled off me before but this was an on the floor roll!!  I cried.  The other night I was rocking her to sleep and she looked so peaceful and and I cried.  I'm so happy I have her in my life.

It has taken time for these happy tears.  Initially I had scared and frustrated tears.  While in the hospital I cried a few times but they were not happy tears they were I want her to feel better tears, they were I wanna go home tears, they were I hate the nurses tears.  Its only been a little over a month and it seems like those frustrations have started to fade.  I still plan on writing a letter to the hospital because I think I can provide constructive criticism as well as praise for what they did well (LOVED our OT).  Writing for me has a way of allowing me to let go of those frustration.

I'm so happy!!

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