Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Eyes

Like most babies- Baby girl was born with blue eyes.  She continues to have blue eyes and everyone comments about how striking they are.  I also have blue eyes- a bright, light blue- that everyone comments on.  Her eyes are a deeper blue.  Both of Baby girls birth parents have green eyes.  Every time someone tells me how they think her blue eyes will stay I share that I have a feeling they will turn green.  I look at her bright eyes each day and watch for change.  I know it can happen for months.  A part of me wants her to have blue eyes so she can have eyes like her mom, though I know that I did not give them to her.  I think she would make a beautiful baby with green eyes and she will have a gift from her birth parents- and when she asks I can tell her she has eyes just like D and J.  I dont think they will stay blue and will continue my ritual of daily checks for her green eyes.

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  1. Gus is almost two and still has the most incredible blue eyes. Someone told me that they can change even after they're four!! I hope his stay as beautiful as they are!