Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marathon Sunday

One year ago I ran a half marathon.  I blogged about splitting the marathon with DH and how I felt like the marathon was a perfect analogy for parenting though I had not achieved the status of Mom yet.  We both toyed with the idea of running the marathon (in full or splitting) again this year but never signed up.  By February we were glad we had not signed up because parenting and marathon training don't go well together, at least with a new born.  Watching the runners go by this morning made me long to be out on the road with them, which is ironic because I hate to run.  The tangible achievement of a finish line is so rewarding though.

So I looked back to read the post I had written just days after the marathon.  I laughed because our running styles seem to parallel our parenting style.  I'm rather go with the flow.  I dont force naps or a schedule it just happens just like the ups and downs the course.  DH has a desire for a schedule though Baby Girl does challenge his desire they keep a good routine together.  We often tag team tasks and there is no linear completing tasks just like tag teaming the 26.2 miles.

DH received his father day gift early which was a jogging stroller.  I think I'll take some time this week to give it a spin.  Next year she can cheer us from the sidelines as we trudge up hills thinking- What were we thinking?

Running and parenting really are parallels somehow the successes outweigh those moments where you think "Why did I do this?"

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