Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Self Confidence

I dont think I have even mentioned this once in my blog and I think its interesting that I have not. Over the past 12 weeks I was training for a half marathon. I am not a runner thought its something that comes easily for me. I feel almost guilty how easy it is and how much I really dont care for it. The training required 30 minutes to 2 hrs of commitment 4 days a week for 12 weeks. Although all of our friends running the half marathon have children I have to say not having children i'm sure made the challenge easier.

I wanted to spend a few minutes reflecting on the achievement. I think (now i've not been there yet) that marathon (or half marathon) training is a great analogy for parenting. DH and I ran most days together to train. Each of us had a slightly different style with him methodical and steady and me rolling with the ups and downs of the course (funny how this is opposites of our actual personalities LOL). We support each other and had friends encouraging us through the process. On race day we were each alone to run our leg but together completed the whole marathon. It wasn't easy and there were moments I wanted to quit but he couldn't start his half until I reached him. I also knew I had friends behind me that would have kicked my butt if I had quit or was found walking.

So I've now run 13.1 miles in 2 hours 4 seconds and i'm proud of my time. I think I can now admit part of my dislike or running is not the activity itself but the fear I wont make it. I'm glad I did my half strong and on my own (though the company would have been nice). Just like parenting I'm sure there will be days where i'll wonder what I was thinking but I now have the self confidence to know that I just have to keep going and I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.... maybe even another half marathon.

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  1. Just need to say...The strength you have is incredible Megan! Im telling you all your ducks are starting to line up and the timing is almost perfect! You are an amazing mother already! I cant wait for what life has for you both! Megan you ran with an injury and have an amazing time!!! Nov 4th Shelburne!!! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE XOXOX