Friday, May 4, 2012

Post Placement #2

Yesterday was post placement visit #2.  I had put the appointment in my calendar in Wisconsin so my phone "fixed" the time when we went home so it changed the time from 4:30 to 5:30.  So I got home from work yesterday got myself ready and thought I had some time when we got a call from the social worker confirming the time of the appointment.  It was already 4:30!  We told her we would be right down- I changed Baby Girl out of the outfit DH had put her in (which matched but wasn't the nicest outfit she has)- We still walked and I think we got there at about 4:50.

She wanted to know how Baby Girl was doing.  If the MD had any concerns at her last visit.  We had received a few blood tests back which were favorable which everyone is happy about.  She wanted to know what Baby Girls likes and dislikes were (what dislikes do babies have?)  She wanted to know if we had questions or concerns.  She is going to look into books to help us explain to Baby Girl her particular Adoption Story since its more complicated then her Bmom made a loving choice for her.  We also updated our agency on the information we got from the PA agency about Baby Girls Bmom (I've started a post though I'm struggling with writing it and may never post it).

Its already time to write Baby Girls birthparents their second letter.  The first one came so easily and the second one I'm struggling more with.  The first one was about settling in, her meeting family that loves her, and expression of our desires for contact both ways.  I wish we had gotten some sort of contact back as it might have guided me as to what D wants to know.

On a side note- Baby Girl met the Governor at an awards dinner for DH's work.  Politicians sure love a baby!!  We got a picture to remember the occasion with Baby Girl, myself and DH.  I still feel odd at times as a Mom and forget that not everyone knows nor do I need to explain the adoption.  I was holding Baby Girl when the Governor came over and was chatting.  DH came over when he saw the Governor chatting with us.  The Governor asked DH "Are you the other half to this baby?"  He said Yes without skipping a beat... She makes us whole for sure :)

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  1. That feeling of feeling odd as a mom and not feeling the need to explain to everyone that your child is adopted WILL pass. I think by the time Gus was six months, I was over that phase.

    Glad your second visit went well. Do you do a third (I'm sorry- I know you told me but I forgot)? When do you anticipate finalizaion?