Friday, March 9, 2012

Milk Supply Increases

My milk supply has slowly increased. In addition to the herbs I've been eating oatmeal every morning. I am trying really hard at increasing my fluids (this is a genearl bad habit). I produce 1-3mL per side so a total of 2-5mL per pumping session. This comes out to almost .5oz when three pumping sessions are combined. My goal is by the end of the month to be making 1 oz. That is my threshold. At that point we will hopefully have a better latch and I'm OK with using the Supplemental Feeder at the breast and she will get whatever dribbles out with the formula providing her primary sustenance. Every night during the over night pumping I question why I'm doing this and then I get to feed her the success I've had and I'm reminded. Will it be enough to provide immune support I dont know but what I was clear about from the start was I at least had to try.

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