Friday, March 9, 2012

Future of my blog and other tid bits

So my blog is called Trying To Adopt Baby and we are coming to an end to that process. I've decided I'm going to blog to our finalization and end the blog. I feel I will have accomplished the goal of the blog which was to document our journey with the destination being parenthood.

A little story I wanted to quickly document that in the rush of leaving for PA I never had a chance to write. I wish I had written it down the day it occured however I figured I'd have time to write it. On Monday January 30th two days before we got the phone call and five days after baby girl was born I was laying in bed half asleep when I had a half awake/half asleep kinda dream. In my dream (which felt very real) I walked into the nursery and I was startled because there was a baby (a big baby- not new born) in the crib. I was so startled I startled fully awake. I now have a face to that baby.

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