Sunday, June 5, 2011

round two

It has been a year since I got finger printed for our home study. Last year it took me two months to not be so livid about being treated like a criminal. Each year we have to update our home study so - background check, finger prints, child support check (to make sure we are not delinquent), physical check up and our updated tax info. I'm not sure if I'm in a better place or if I am just complacent to the process but I'm getting things done quickly. Another possible motivation is that the agency forgot to have us update our info so we already are behind. If we were matched it would work out but it would make things easier if it was done.

We also this week worked out a financial agreement with my parents to send us a check for the balance between what we have in our adoption account and what the adoption will cost. At this point our tax rebate is greater then what we would owe my parents so that makes me happy. I hope to not have to deposit the check but rather that we will continue to make good time in our savings. Initially we agreed that we would deposit the check and pay them back based on what we saved each month however my father wanted to charge us interest!! I know for tax reasons that it had to be done but we could just take a loan out from the bank and thats kinda the idea behind not loaning from the bank. It seems wrong to borrow money to pay for an adoption. Our new agreement is that we will hold onto the check and only deposit it if we get a match and have not yet achieved our goal. In that case my parents will expect full payment when we get our taxes back next year. I'll feel so much better when we have it all saved because I'd hate to start in debt (even if its to my parents).

Happy optimistic thoughts!!

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