Monday, April 19, 2010

The Application Stress

So when was the last time you contemplated your parents parenting style, described your family life growing up, or your physical description? I started the application in March and DH and I worked on it again this weekend. How detailed is too detailed are we hitting the points they are looking for? Do they think we are just telling them what they want or is this who we really are? As a tip, if you are filling out one of these applications- dont call your parents to ask about their parenting style because they dont know. I read it to them after and they both seemed to agree. The funny part is now we have to write our parenting plan.

Marriage weaknesses? I try not to dwell and can't think of many... maybe we spend too much time together? Maybe DH takes too good of care of me? What about the spat we had last night when he came home from work at 11PM and I'd was sound asleep when he turned the light on?

I have been very short with people since sitting down to work on the application Sunday morning with DH. I'd like to think it has more to do with the impending presentation at a national conference but if I'm honest I think it the pressure each of these questions come with. I can only be honest. Who does not present themselves in a positive light but who is good all the time? 23 pages of self reflection is a lot which does not include the 5 pages of type written answers we have started but not completed. Some pages are easier then others like the child support page since neither of us have child support i'm not worried about the impact of these pages.

We plan on getting finger printed this week which should be interesting. I think we can add this to the song "I'd Do Anything" (Oliver the musical) as DH is clearly not looking forward to this step as he is a police officer at a local municipality. I am to the point though that these are the steps that need to be taken and I'm willing to do anything it takes.

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