Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things never to do with baby

1. bathroom renovation
We have one bathroom which had serious mold problems. We knew when we moved it that it was going to have to be renovated. Since we only have one bathroom we decided to hire a contractor as we didn't want to be bathroomless for months. We demoed the bathroom ourselves and in the process the pipes in the basement started to leak. So what was supposed to be only a 24 hours of lack of toilet when the tile guy came during week two turned out to be 3 days of no toilet. Dust and chemicals from the project has me sick. We used the showers at DH's work and my aunts house but roughed it for the toilet. I cannot immagine doing this with a baby, toddler, or any child for that matter.

2. Car accident
So I've been in 7 car accidents. I was only at fault in 1. This last car accident I was in was a bit of a wake up call. What if I had a baby in my back seat?! So call me a planner but I purchased my Mazda during my senior year of college with safety for a car seat/baby when I bought it. I figured I was 22 and in 10 years I'd have a baby or two. My Mazda never got to transport my kiddo's but it did provide me with endless safety. In picking out a new car again I looked at child safety as well as thought about cargo space to truck all their stuff. I know this car will be the one to transport my babies. So I bought a Honda Fit.... 13 hours later the car's check engine light came on... 30 hours after that the dealer offered me a new car (because I sent a letter explaining how I wanted to feel safe in the car). I didn't share this but I also wanted to make sure that my babies will be safe in my car to. Though hopefully this will be my very last accident I know that we will all be safe in my new car.

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