Friday, March 11, 2011


I had a dream the other night that someone had a baby. I was smelling, snuggling and talking to the baby. Then the person who's baby it was told me "you can't have him." I responded by saying I didn't want the baby. It was if this mother felt like just because we are waiting to adopt I was eyeing every baby for the possibility of keeping them. Strange.

I did talk to my supervisor about adoption benefits. I felt a little strange talking about it. The company I work for is large and as an employee I'm very distant from corporate as well as HR. I couldn't find my packet of information I got from the Dave Thomas foundation so she ordered more information to be sent directly to her. I know that the benefit would not help me because if it ever happened it would hopefully not be before we had our baby (as I hope the process is quick not because I dont want the benefit). I told her that it would be a nice offering and it would make me happy even to know someone else benefitted. I think my company actually implementing the benefit is a bit of a dream... but we were on the topic of dreams.

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