Wednesday, February 16, 2011

support group

Tonight we attended our first adoption support group through our agency. Some agencies require attendance however ours due to geographical barriers does not. Tonights group was to update us on fees and the yearly update process. Fees did not go up however we will fall into the higher fee category as of July. Walking into the room I wanted to cry I can't put my finger on it but it just plain sucks to have to wait. It also may have been that the two other couples that were there when we arrived were about our same age and I kind of hold into hope that because we are young we will get picked faster.

My mother attended with us which is nice because she was visiting from out of state. I really appreciate her enthusiasm. I can understand why some people would want their families not to douse them with gifts at Christmas however I enjoy the fact that she sees herself as about to become a Grandmother for the first time. My Mother-in-law has yet to show any positive emotions towards the babies arrival. I guess its just not real to her yet.

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