Tuesday, January 18, 2011

three months of waiting

The 7th of January marked 3 months of waiting it also was the day we finished adding stripes to the green nursery! I love the way it turned out. I also have worked on upholstering the rocking chair which was fun but trying as I wanted it to look perfect. We have received a few e-mails from the agency letting us know that there are a few mothers who are in the process but not ready to look at books yet. I'm in a little calmer spot now, maybe i'm just getting used to waiting.

We went to a friends daughters first birthday party. It was a sad reminder that we have been waiting and wanting a baby longer then she has been alive. I did have a lot of fun playing with her though and was able to enjoy myself rather then being occupied by green envy.

Exciting news that the pumping is working!! My mother contacted a friend who is a lactation consultant (retired) about breastfeeding babies that are adopted. She has two grandchildren that were successfully breastfed who also were adopted which is good to know. She is sending me some information that will hopefully help. It sounds like she thinks it can be done without taking hormones which I am most interested in.

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