Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Joys of the Process

DH and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary this weekend and are doing so by staying at a B&B in NH in the shadows of Mount Washington. We will climb up the mountain together Saturday and cheat by taking the tram down. Its kind of a good metaphor of marriage and this process. The climb up is hard but the view is worth it and the ride after will be a breeze.

DH read my blog for the first time this past week and informed me that it was "depressing." I think its important though for me to write about the depressing, frustrating, scary, hard, unenjoyable, etc aspects of the process as once we arrive at the view and enjoy the ride after the memory of the trek to the goal will be easily forgotten. There will be joys (the day we got our appointment and finding a pediatrician) and those things will highlight in our mind looking back but there also were important struggles that are integral to the process.

I think another important aspect of this process is remembering to work together. I've been the detailed oriented person (making sure forms are filled out, filled out correctly, appointments made). DH has been grate at taking on tasks as well. DH talked to a trusted co-worker/friend about who they use as a pediatrician and took upon himself to call to make an appointment. The office called back tonight and asked him to call back during the day to set up a time for a "prenatal" visit.

I'm excited about this process... and I'm glad I have a good friend, partner, and confidant with me :)

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