Monday, August 23, 2010

Interview 1- CHECK!

Dont worry about a thing...
Easy for our social worker to say! Today we were asked questions about our spiritual beliefs, our pets, what we did for fun, our typical routines, and vacations. Basically she learned we are boring (eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed), we don't go on vacations, our dog is nuts, and we dont agree on if there is a God or not.  She reviewed our financials a little.  We have since paid off DH's car and dont have debt with the exception of the house and student loans.  We dont have a lot in savings but we also dont have large amounts of debt either.

Homework before our final interview-

  • Read two books- I read 
    • "Nobody's Child"
    • "An Idiot's Guide to Adoption" (DH needs to read two books still)
  • Create an Emergency Contact list next to phone (We dont have a phone so we have to leave it on the fridge)
    • Neighbor's # (My aunt/uncle)
    • Identify an Emergency meeting place
    • Poison Control
    • Local police/fire dept
    • Pediatrician
    • I added (My parents, DH's parents, and both of our cell phones)
  • Complete preference sheet (what drugs, disabilities are acceptable)
  • Identify the company and the amount of our 401K/403B's
  • Make our home safe 
    • lock up guns (dont own any)
    • smoke detector (check)
    • carbon monoxide detector (check)
    • hand rails on all steps 
Individual Interviews
These are going to cover- History, Childhood, relationship with family/each other, high school, health reports, past/present drug use, etc.  My biggest worry is that DH and I are going to contradict each other.  Hopefully not on anything too big.

I left feeling even more nervous then I did going in but thats just my personality.  She informed us she felt good about the process so far and as long as we continued we would have no problems.  I have no big skeletons in my closet. 

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