Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The application is DONE! Well we are waiting for a family friend to return the document with edits but the questions are answered, the finger prints done, the financial information collected, and the references asked. I plan on making a few edits once we get the edits back but dont want to second guess our answers. We answered truthfully and with heart- its like a multiple choice test the first answer you settle on is usually the right one. Hopefully we have the application in by the end of the week! The next step is the home study and getting our portfolio started. We have started shopping for cameras.

The references we used are my Godmother as she knows both of us well and is an eloquent writer. DH aunt and uncle who had their son by adoption so can provide insight into our character as well as how they feel we will do with the adoption process. My aunt and uncle who live down the street were our final choice as they will know our baby well and will naturally be a large part of his or her life. I feel trust for all of these people my only concern is that the agency will not accept references from family members. Although we have mutual friends we could ask we felt that as we are in our late twenties references with greater maturity would be better for this process. If we have to select non family members we have a few people in mind but we hope to still use our aunts/uncles.

I can't believe its almost time to send off the packet!

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