Friday, July 23, 2010

Adoption application in!

I was up late last night working w my godmother on making edits to the application. When it came time to edit the application we started to read through it however as we began to edit we began to doubt our responces. I highly recommend having someone you trust edit the document for you.

After getting off of the phone I accepted the edits and printed the document I never fully read through the document start to finish. I then began to review the list if items required for the application. I had to hook up our old computer in order to get our 2009 tax 1090 forms. I also had to hunt down our birth certificates and wedding certificate. I debated updating the finacial page as we have increased our savings but decided not to as it's a constant flux which primarily goes up. Had it not been 11 pm I may have made the changes but 5:30am was fast approaching and decided to go to bed.

Today DH made copies of our birth certificates and got a copy of our marriage certificate so we didn't have to send our only copies. I deposit my pay check and DH skipped his after work run. We organized everything and drove the two blocks to the office as 4:30 pm was fast approaching and it's friday so we were worried everyone would already be fine home. I spent a few min explaining what was "missing" ie the finger prints since we don't get anything back when we went so I wasn't sure what we were supposed to include.

I'm so excited that we are on our way to have a baby!!!!!!

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