Monday, October 29, 2012

Letters from PA

On Friday as the second repair man left the house there was a package. The package was from the agency in PA. I quickly opened it hoping it was from D. The package was from Ds mom! Though I wish it was from D telling us she would meet us in the spring I was happy to get a letter from her. She confirmed D is getting our letters and the gift we sent to baby girls birth brother was given to him. It makes me glad to know that D is at least getting the letters. I'm also happy that baby girl has gotten communication! Today I got home to learn Baby girls birth sister also sent a package! She told us she looked forward to our visit!!!! She also sent baby girl (and DH and I) shirts she had made up for the team she raised $2000 for autism research. She shared she changed her major from special Ed to psych! Such a smart beautiful girl! She told us they look at the shutterfly account! I've been discouraged because I have felt my letters go into a black hole. It made me feel like what's the point? Will baby girl ever get a letter from D or J I don't know but I do know that her family loves her and doesn't want the communication to stop. I also am hopeful for a visit to PA in the spring. Since we are going that far I'd like to go to DC and see the cherry trees bloom! Though you all would share in my excitement! Also I've signed up for the interview project so Ill be back in November :)


  1. OMG I am so excited to see that you've posted a blog post!!! I thought you weren't blogging anymore?!?!?!

    So happy to hear that D is getting your letters. While she might not be able to write for a while, it must make your heart happy to know that she's getting them and reads them. It probably makes her happy too.

    I think with open adoption, it's super hard for many reasons, but at least you're doing what's best for baby girl. D's extended family is getting to see pictures via your Shutterfly page, and they have the ability to send things to her. I think that's more than they'd even dreamed of.

    It'll be incredible as baby girl grows up, for her to know that her biological family is still connected to her. She may have questions and doubts, but you've got that connection with them and hopefully, they'll be able to assist you when the time comes to answering any difficult questions. Then again, just knowing her family and being part of their lives may be all that's needed and she might not have difficult questions!

    I'm eager to see how your trip to PA goes. Our first visit was the hardest, and each time has just gotten better and easier.

    I'm doing the interview project too-- can't wait to see your post!!!

    GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK!!!!! ;-)

  2. I don't plan to post on a regular basis. It's actually been hard not to blog at times because this is a place that people understand. I knew you all wound appreciate the news. Thanks for stopping by!! :)