Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day and seven months of waiting

I worked today and every one of my patients wished me a happy mothers day- I said "thank you." Its too complicated and honestly even though I dont have children I am a caregiver by trade. The kids in the schools and my geriatric caseload at the nursing home all require care and attention a child or family member would. I also received a gift from my DH as well as a friend surprised me with a card and flower on my car when I got out of work. Keeping those that are amazing and wonderful close I think is key I and I definitely have that.

I worked in my garden this weekend making great progress which also I think helped this weekend go without a sad tear (only happy ones). I know gardening will be a luxury that will be hard to make time for once the baby arrives. I forced myself to go to a party with DH knowing that it would be a family party. I got to snuggle with a baby and despite the mothers attempts at kind words I just let them roll off.

I've also pestered DH about taking more over time at work. He recently took an additional position at work that will mean he will likely get ordered in. Do I like it- no, but in time this will mean that once the baby arrives we wont have to worry so much about finances. Saving for the adoption has at times seemed like a mud slide between the bathroom reno and my car accident resulting in buying a car. I think having to save up is the single most stressful part of this process. My goal is to not have to borrow from my parents however we have achieved an amount at this point where we wouldn't have to borrow more then the tax credit that we would get. So between over time and spaghetti for dinner we are moving in the right direction again. I do love him dearly for doing this for us.

Spring, sun, friends/family and a fun schedule of things have my mood brighter.

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