Monday, September 27, 2010

Worth it!!

Our book is done!! Well a few minor edits and my parents need to paste in their text. It is really nice to see what our families have to say about us as well as their thoughtful introductions. I think we could have dine a few things to have made the process go a little smoother- the first calling vs email. Dh primarily communicated via email and well we all know that we don't really read carefully. Many members of our family only put captions to the pictures rather then telling about who they were. I also would have been more controlling from the start giving them bullet points to cover- relationship to us, likes/dislikes, and their feelings about being an aunt/uncle/grandparent. In the end it turned out and I'm hoping that the pages from our family will help us get picked faster :)

One week until our final interview I think we have everything done except putting up the railing on the stairs to the basement.

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