Saturday, November 6, 2010

October came and went

October was a bitter sweet month. We were approved to adopt which is exciting happy news. We know our book has been shown at least once to a mother that won't likely choose to create an adoption plan. We know we are on our way to waiting an undetermined amount of time. We have taken the time to read. I have read Scott Simons Baby we were meant for eachother and a frank book by a woman that adopted a biracial baby.

The sad aspects of this past month was that the fertility doctor gave us the month of October as the month that if we were not pregnant by we wouldn't be able to conceive on our own. October was also the month we moved into our home. As well as the month another friend announced their pregnancy. October is also the month of two useless menstrual cycles.

I try to mitigate this disappointment by reading, keeping busy, and realizing that I will get more time off if our baby does not arrive until march or later as I recently changed jobs. I also took time last Sat night to write our Rep Peter Welch as his office provided us w incorrect info on tax credits. I also shared w him that there should be legislation that would allow me to be paid for my FMLA as my coworkers that birth their children. Since my employer pays their employees using short term disability for FMLA I don't qualify. While their insurance pays for all expended for the pregnancy and recovery I on the other hand will shell out 1/3 of our income prior to taxes in order to pay for the adoption and take my FMLA.

I don't expect to actually make a change however it keeps me busy.

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